The Best Roofing Options For Texas Residents

From shale, sheet metal, to asphalt shingle roofs, each home is equipped with different materials, individual functionality, and life spans. The purpose of an roof is to not only serves as a safeguard by protecting the inner sanctuary of a home, but also to beautify and accentuate the outside of the home.

In order to provide and educate potential homeowners on the best roofs to consider, here is a detailed guide on three different types of roofs as well as the best artificial roofing products for Texas residents.

The Various Types Of Roofs And The Products They Require
The Clay And Concrete Roof: A Homeowners Favorite. Many Texas residents prefer the clay and concrete tile roof, simply because It is one of the longest lasting roofs available and requires little to no maintenance or repairs. Although there are many roofing products for Texas to choose from.

In addition to its tremendous longevity, the clay and concrete roof is one of the best roofs to have in cooler months. We all know how humid it gets during the summer in Texas, however the clay and concrete roof is a naturally cooler and energy efficient roof that helps homeowners save substantial amounts of money that would’ve been otherwise spent on air conditioning bills.

When looking to get a roof installment, the clay and concrete roof is the way to go, for they are guaranteed to last for over 40 years.

Wooden Shakes Vs Wood Shingles:

Is There A Difference?
When looking around for the most popular roofing products for Texas residents, wooden shakes and wood shingled roofs are easily one of the best options to choose.

Largely due to its impeccable imperishability, wood is a material that has been used in the construction of homes for centuries, and is commonly used to create sturdy, long lasting roofs for the modern home.

While both are popular and seemingly indistinguishable, wood shingled roofs are made from wood which are intricately cut by a machine, while roofs made from wooden shakes, on the other hand, are handcrafted and are fairly rugged in appearance.

The thing that Texas residents appreciate about wooden shake and wood shingled roofs is that both are layered with fire-resistant coating, which eliminates worries for those who live in fire susceptible environments, as well as live in cities frequented by heatwaves.

Slate Roofs: Durable And Alluring
Slate Roofs last for over 80 to 100 years The appeal with slate roofs is that not only are they incombustible and fire resistant, they are also water water proof as well, meaning that heavy rains or hail are of no consequence, and do not diminish the quality of the roof in any way.

Slate Roofs also come in a variety of colors such as green, purples, blue, gray, and lots more, and can be comparable to a peacock, for they beautify the exterior of a home and are magnets to compliments And positive attention from guest and strangers.

Artificial Roofing Products Homeowners use artificial roofing products as a means of enhancing the appeal, color variation, and overall texture of their roof.

Materials such as plastic, and molded polymer are used to create the durability that are found in the roofs listed above, but at a cheaper and more affordable cost.

Artificial roofing is a safe and easily recyclable option which will prove to be one of the best investments one can possibly make.