Phone Has Died Need Information

My cellphone died and it appears to be a motherboard overheating hassle. i’m looking for a quote and to look if it would be feasible to get my photographs of a samsung s6 that might not switch on. Advice from has proved essential in getting the data back.

Sea water damaged Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. driven my luck testing the waterproof capability of telephone, snorkelling on honeymoon. no longer designed for sea water manifestly. restrained damage, not a whole brick but enough to stop access to records by everyday methods. Taken telephone apart and dried and wiped clean up a bit. only about getting wedding ceremony and honeymoon pix and videos again sincerely.

All my snap shots from the 18months have disappeared from my Motorola cellphone. i’ve a reminiscence card formated as inner storage. the cardboard is showing 11GB of used area but i will handiest view around 58KB of information. Is there anyway of having my pics returned?

The main hard drive, a OCZ 100MB SSD, has stopped being regarded through my (laptop) laptop, and so will not boot. I would really like to get better the files at the force – preferably the complete drive, however my users folder a minimum of. i’m Twickenham based, and i see you’ve got a health center in Richmond – please should I set up a callback to speak about this?

My phone has been diagnosed by the tech medics in st albans as having the ‘white mild of demise’ that is described as non repairable but they have got advocated me to yourselves regarding a ability repair/records get better at the least. The telephone is a samsung s7 and while I do want to test I still trust it to be under warranty. My primary issue is the pics that I worry I may also now have misplaced. i’d substantially appreciate your help – most accesible through e mail.

My galaxy s7 area became remotely records wiped and i lost all my pictures of my infant. Samsung cloud most effective stored all my contacts not my photographs. i’m desperately hoping you could assist.

i’ve a water damaged iPhone 5s and would love to recover the pix from it. i was advised that i’d want to get the primary board changed to access the records at the chip. i was thinking if this is a service you provide and roughly how tons it might fee?